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Did you know that a typical business office produces about 1.5 pounds of paper waste per employee each day? Yet for every ton of recycled paper up to 17 beautiful, oxygen-making trees are saved.

So as a responsible company, we’re doing our part to help you do your part. We’re offering recycling bins to clients in need of a recycling makeover. Implementing a recycling program isn’t that hard, but it can do wonders for our planet.
And don’t just stop at recycling paper. Think about all those soda cans employees toss into the trash. Imagine if everyone used Tupperware instead of baggies. Small changes can make great things happen
To receive your free recycling bin and information on other recycling center systems, just e-mail us at info@markettech1.com

Oh goodies!
No newsletter of ours is complete without it’s monthly contest, and this month we’re giving away $500 of branded merchandise to the lucky winner. T-Shirts, mugs, caps….you get to decide. But to hve your logo printed on a product of your choice you first need to enter by visiting www.markettech1.com from February 1 – February 28, 2010, Click on BLOG, read the replies and then give us your best marketing idea that involves promotional products! The winning idea will be announced March 1, 2010 in our blog.
Promotional products are the #2 most effective advertising method second only to television advertising. Be sure and give useful logo’d items so they are held on to and your logo is seen over and over again. Useful items means hundreds of impressions per item.
We know the economy has made all our budgets a little less, so we’re offering 20% off any promotional product order that is placed on line. It’s just our way of helping you do more with your marketing dollars. So click on the SEARCH PRODUCTS NOW button on the home page and start searching thousands of customizable products. (Please note, the 20% will be reflected on your invoice so ignore the displayed price.)
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